A heart beats here.

Since December of last year, I’ve owned an iPhone and almost immediately after, an Instagram account. I have always been incredibly enthralled by the culture of Instagram - a social network exclusive for iPhone users. A lot of it is just egotistical photos of celebrities and people flaunting the fact they have an iPhone. Which is fine. It’s not supposed to be some intellectual level thing. But just today I have learned of something that made possible through Instagram: an awesome effort to let the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, wake up amidst love.


The hashtag #aquibateumcoracao (A heart beats here) brought a group of unknowns together in the middle of the night last Sunday, to put up hearts on famous monuments and statues in Sao Paulo. The theme of “love” has been big in Sao Paulo in the last few months. From songs to graffiti slogans that cover the walls, people have been crying love in the city. “There is no love in SP.” “More love, please.” “Love is important, damn it.” I guess you could call it a neo-hippy effort to bring attention to the fact that we have all become so distant and inhumane because of our routines.

But the guerrilla action that took place quietly just this past weekend… That, to me, is something else.

There are no words. There is no slogan. There is no cry for love. It’s simplicity, it’s beauty, and it breaks routine. In SP, we’re all too used to seeing graffiti on the side of buildings. But seeing big, bright, red hearts on centenary monuments, that’s something completely different. There are no authors to claim the idea. Anonymity seems to make a bigger impact these days, anyway.

The hearts are all about reaction. It’s how you interpret it on your morning walk to work. It’s a reminder for you saying “don’t forget to love today.”


Is it silly? 

Yes, you could definitely argue that point.

But for a city that on the rise to the top on so many different levels, Sao Paulo needs to listen to its own people. If there is love missing, there must be warmth, friendship, and respect missing, too. 

And if a simple cut-out and spray-painted styrofoam heart is what fills that void, then so be it. Just remember to love more, SP.